Porefine Peel Pore Toner 200ml Porefine Peel Pore Toner 200ml Porefine Peel Pore Toner 200ml
Porefine Peel Pore Toner 200ml
Porefine Peel Pore Toner 200ml
Porefine Peel Pore Toner 200ml

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Porefine Peel Pore Toner 200ml

Porefine Peel Pore Toner 200ml

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Peeling toner with glycolic acid JsDerma Pore Cleaning & Refine Glycolic Acid 1% Toner gently renews skin cells, exfoliates the stratum corneum and visibly evens out tone and texture. Helps eliminate unwanted pigmentation, smooth out scars and post-acne marks.

The product deeply cleanses pores and eliminates blackheads, dries out inflammation, and prevents the appearance of acne and comedones. Makes the skin smooth, soft and velvety, helps tighten pores, restores firmness and elasticity and gives an even, healthy glow.

The toner instantly replenishes the lack of moisture in cells and normalizes the acid-base balance, heals the skin and prepares it for subsequent skincare procedures. It has immunomodulatory and regenerating properties, has a bactericidal effect and neutralizes the negative impact of external environmental factors.

The main active component of the toner is glycolic acid , which softens and exfoliates the upper stratum corneum of the skin, improves the condition of problematic skin, evens out the complexion, increases the smoothness and elasticity of the skin, protects against photoaging of the skin, lightens age spots, and moisturizes the skin. Stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin fibers.

Additional active ingredients:
Tea tree extract is an effective antiseptic, has an antifungal, bactericidal and antiviral effect, relieves inflammation, prevents the development of new ones, dries, ideal for caring for oily, combination and problem skin.
Asian centella extract has a pronounced healing and soothing effect. Restores and softens the skin, removes redness and flaking, nourishes and strengthens the skin's protective barrier.
Witch hazel extract has a wide variety of properties and functions. Helps in the fight against rosacea, normalizes the hydro-lipid balance of the skin, gives an anti-inflammatory, soothing and healing effect.
Hyaluronic acid creates an invisible barrier on the skin that prevents moisture evaporation, improves skin structure, promotes skin cell regeneration, reduces fine wrinkles, and makes skin smooth and soft.
Panthenol stimulates the restoration of the integrity of the skin, relieves redness and irritation, and has wound-healing properties.
Allantoin softens and intensively moisturizes the skin, helps narrow pores and normalize sebum production, has anti-inflammatory properties, and soothes irritated skin.
Purslane extract improves skin tone, accelerates the healing of wounds and cracks, stimulates tissue regeneration, and has a detoxifying effect.

Suitable for oily, combination and problem skin.

Directions for use: Apply the required amount of product to cleansed skin using a cotton pad.


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