Let's Talk: Supercharging Your Kid's Health!

Let's Talk: Supercharging Your Kid's Health!

Join us on Tuesday, November 29 2022, for a special event all about kids' nutrition!

In this session, we’ll look at how food affects children’s learning & behavior, what good nutrition looks like and how parents can support their kids’ everyday wellness through food. Topics will include:

  • An introduction to the gut-brain connection
  • The effect of sugar on learning
  • Food for better brain development
  • Supplements: When food is not enough
  • Other culprits that can influence learning & behavior
  • The relationship between nutrition & physical wellness
  • Plus, a quick & fun breathing exercise!

Guest speakers include Ilse Onderweegs, Functional Nutritionist & Integrative Health Coach, Sandy Zanella, Medical Doctor & Children’s Author of Happy Yogis and Dr. Ashok Lodha, Specialist Paediatrician, Dubai London Hospital.

This event will be held at The Studio by Airwerks Cafe from 10am to 12pm and is open to all parents.

To register for free, sign up here or RSVP to +971 56 216 8718.


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