How to Prepare Your Daughter for Her First Period

How to Prepare Your Daughter for Her First Period

Written by Nadine Walters, Founder of Cupys 

Puberty can be an unnerving experience. Sudden physical changes, accompanied by changing behaviour, can leave both children and parents confused. While preparing your daughter for her first period can seem like a challenging task, it doesn’t have to be! An open, honest and positive conversation with her can completely change her outlook for when that time comes!

It is essential to talk to your daughter before her first period. The start of menstruation is a significant event in a girl’s life. Sufficient information and empowerment to deal with the new changes in her body can help your daughter navigate a new time in her life with more ease. Below are some starter tips for you to use:

Get the right information

Educating our children with correct and up-to-date information is necessary. Instead of shying away from menstruation aspects that might be uncomfortable to deal with, we should talk about all aspects.

Brush up on what you know about periods and have reliable sources of information readily available for your child to refer to. Look for good books or videos to help you have a more educational discussion.

Questions, questions, questions!

Your daughter may have many questions she may want to ask. Allow her to ask and be ready to discuss those topics with honesty. Even if you don’t know those answers, find out those answers to her questions and then get back to her.

Preparation is key! Your daughter might not be at home when she gets her first period, so it’s wise to prepare her and set her up with a period kit that she can keep in her backpack or purse. Cupys provides a ‘Starter box’ with everything equipped for when your daughter begins her period.

Discuss female hygiene products

Explore all menstrual products together, and make sure your child knows it is her choice which product she wishes to use. Be hands-on about explaining how to use the product and describe each product’s pros and cons. Empower your daughter to deal with any situation, whether she gets her first period when you aren’t around or a leak.

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